• SAGE: 26784
  • PPAI: 387166

2.17” x 2.17” x 2.05”

  • DPSR 209 BlueTooth Speaker, 3W of Power, Rechargeable Battery 450mAh, The Body can be PMS Color Matched for only 100 pieces.

    As low as $19.57 (r)

    Our DPSR 209 BlueTooth Speaker with 3W of Power & built-in 450mAh Rechargeable Battery. PMS matching available for sides and top.

    Everything you need for music on the go! Great looking speakers: Vibrant color & soft feel rubber case. Plenty of power for 7 hours of listening on one charge and it transmits up to 33 feet away. Clear sound! Pairs with phones, computers, tablets, etc via Bluetooth technology.

    It is Safety First! Others may LOOK the same BUT this is a Smart Speaker with a safety control smart circuit.

    This smart circuit controls the charging of the speaker; which ensures optimum charging speed with safety. We do not skimp and create the problems inherent with cheaper products.