About Us

Hi, so you want to know about us?  That probably  means you have not yet used Dragon Power, also known as Oceantop USA Inc…. you can read about us below and you are also welcome to email info@dragonpowerpromo.com or call now 561 901 9142 and get the ball rolling. We are easy to work with and want to help you win business.

We are on Pacific time, based in Sunny Los Angeles California.

For distributors on any product we offer free layouts and many samples are  free sent on your shipper number.

Now Back to the company intro. 

Dragon Power is a supplier to distributors in the advertising specialty industry. Based in sunny Glendale California.

Dragon Power is a DBA of OceanTop USA Inc and supplies Technology Products, Drinkware, Bags, Atlantis Headwear, Pens, LED products, and other popular promotional items.

Our focus is on quality above all else. There is always someone cheaper, we all know this in business, however cheap does not mean a great deal. Reliable, on time, on your side if there is a problem, always fair, straight and honest in all business we do together, those are the characteristics of a great deal.

We supply most of the USA’s major distributor groups.
We are members of Sage and PPAI.  Our Products can also be found on SAGE and ASI (ESP)

We have great relations with our factories and our main Tech factory is owned by our true friend of 18 years. The factory is SEDEX audited and ISO9001 certified. Making product for the likes of Disney, Porsche, and BMW for example. Always working on safety and quality that companies like these demand.

People like to deal with us, we supply what we promise. We look forward to working with you, and, if you treat us kindly and honestly, we will all prosper from our cooperation.

We have new items being added to our lines all the time, so please do ask to be included in our mailing list.

My name is Ian Fenn,CEO of Dragon Power and OceanTop USA. I have been in this business for around 30 years and am still learning every day.
I and my team are here to serve you.

Please use the contact us form or call 561 901 9142