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DP01A: Face Recognition Thermometry Security Kiosk. Automated Temperature Screening and Face Recognition

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Features Screens visitors and employees automatically at entrances and in reception areas.
Simply stand within a few feet of the temperature screening monitor, it
scans your face and takes an accurate temperature instantly. The unit then says
please pass or high temperature detected.

This device can be set up to function as a temperature monitor, however it can also control (allow / Deny) access via face recognition and can store up to 10,000 faces and names. It can detect masks being worn and tell a person to put on a mask.

Automatic Temperature Check.
Facial Recognition
10,000 faces stored.
Access Entry Control. ( can trigger a door or turnstile to allow entry)
Data Recording by emailing high temperature readings to designated email addresses.
Custom voice commands.
Mask detection. ( will tell the person to put on a mask before allowing entry)
Hard Hat Detection. ( will tell the person to wear a protective hat being allowing entry)

All functions can be controlled with simple software provided. Each unit has its own IP address and can be logged into remotely with a password.
Employees faces can be stored in the unit and in the computer and can be deleted remotely to control access to a building ( you can remove an employee to deny access instantly by accessing the unit online.)

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