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Screen Print: 1.5" x 1.5" Full Color, full bleed: 2.19" x 2.19"

  • PB 109 Soft Feel, Slender Pocket Power Bank – 2000 mAh with Black Wrist Strap

    As low as $11.25 (r)

    Our PB 109 Soft Feel, Slender, Pocket Power Bank – 2000 mAh with Black Wrist Strap. Color Wrist Strap Available for $.25/pcs (r).

    Very Popular! Small, slender, colorful with a soft feel rubber case. This case can be printed full color & full bleed! (The case can be PMS matched for 100+ pcs.)

    It is Safety First! Others may LOOK the same BUT this is a Smart Charger with a safety control smart circuit.

    This smart circuit controls both the charging of the power bank itself and the device you are charging; which ensures optimum charging speeds with safety. We do not skimp and create the problems inherent with cheaper products.