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3 inches diameter

  • DPW-007 Ultra Slim Wireless Universal Phone Charger Pad. Works with all makes of phone.

    As low as $16.49 (r)

    This Slim Stylish Aluminum and ABS wireless charger will charge all makes of phone that have the wireless charge feature, it will also work with all wireless charger (wireless reciever) cases. Works with all Qi standard Phones.

    Comes in black with white, made of metal and ABS plastic.

    This is product is only going to get more and more popular through 2018 with the latest most popular phones all now featuring wireless charging.

    This brand new model is designed with portability in mind, take it with you on your travels.

    Compatible with all brands such as for iPhone 8 and X, for Samsung Galaxy S1 2 3 4 for Samsung Note1 2 3 4 ect. Qi standard compatable. Phones must be wireless enabled or used with a wireless case. A list of wireless enabled phones can be found on internet.

    It can be used with Qi standard wireless.

    1x Wireless Charger
    1x Micro USB Cable