• SAGE: 26784
  • PPAI: 387166

Silver with orange clear trim part.

  • UDF 342 Round with color contrast, USB Flash Drive
    Great executive gift

    Our UDF342 great for Automotive and other industries. It can printed upto full color.

    It has a large branding area. Perfect for any budget or campaign. What a great way to stay connected to your customers!

    Our Factory: Many models sold look the same on the outside, so how can you tell what is on the inside?

    We all love a great deal. With Dragon power you can count on that deal being about the quality of product, and quality of life for all involved. At Dragon Power we make all our drives in our socially audited factory (SEDEX audited, you can google that) our factory is also ISO9001 certified. We make product for Disney, Porsche and other demanding global brands.

    All our drives are RoHS certified. That is the restriction of hazardous substances. The circuit boards use lead free solder and the components are certified as free from around 150 chemicals considered toxic.